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David Murray Bay2 Campers

Bay2 began as a passion project. On Dave’s 25th wedding anniversary, he and his wife decided to experience Cornwall’s stunning coastline in a campervan.

“Exploring Cornwall from the comfort of a luxury camper. As a man who loves the outdoors as much he relishes a cosy night in, the idea was irresistible. So, I searched the market to see what was available. It became apparent that buying a van and converting it myself would be easier (and more fun).

I asked Will to help me since I knew it would be right up his alley. We’ve been in business together since 1994, in the auto electric industry. While we can never agree on what radio station to listen to, we understand each other implicitly. Working with Will on my van conversion project was a no-brainer.”

“When Dave asked me to help him convert his van into a camper, I was thrilled. My love of cycling and hiking in the great outdoors grows stronger every day, and I’ve always been interested in vanlife and the freedom it affords. The project was an opportunity to explore this more - and also a great challenge.”

Dave’s van conversion was a huge success. As well as having a campervan fully customised to his needs, he saved money by doing the job himself. Both he and Will realised so many more people could benefit from their passion and expertise.

Will Sharpe Bay2 Campers

Van conversions designed by van owners.

Dave and Will saw a real opportunity to build highly flexible and bespoke campervans for people who love adventuring outdoors. So, in 2016, they launched Bay2 Campers- a van conversion company based in West Yorkshire.

“For six years, we’ve been helping people from all walks of life access a more flexible, exciting and adventurous way to travel and unwind. Between the two of us, we do everything in-house.

“We love chatting with customers over a cuppa about vanlife and what their dream camper looks like. Also, because they’re actually speaking to the people who do the build, we can give them answers on what’s possible right away. “

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Our Promise

No matter how big the business grows, Dave and Will have promised themselves and their customers there will always be a friendly and personal vibe at Bay2.

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